August 2020 

Setting Financial Goals After Accepting the Job

After accepting a new job, it's important to set new financial goals. Since your salary may have fluctuated (hopefully for the better), it's important to create a solid financial plan in order to make sound financial decisions. In this blog post, we discuss the short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals you should be setting in order to become financially solvent. Read the blog>>.

Job Interviews: Do This, Not That
With more than a quarter-century worth of experience in the IT staffing industry, PSCI has gained great insight into what should and should not be done during the interview process. While you may think your own common sense may suffice, you'd be surprised at what's commonly forgotten. In this blog post, we provide a list of some of the more important interview dos and don'ts. Read the blog>>.

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Cybersecurity Engineer
This is an initial 6-month contract that can be performed remotely. Our client is seeking a Security Engineer who has experience with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Encryption. 
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Sr. Drug Product Steward
Our client in Gaithersburg, MD is seeking a consultant with extensive technical knowledge of commercial drug product technology. This is a contract position.
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Ceridian HRIS Analyst
Our client in Lafayette Hill, PA is still on the market for a HRIS Analyst to support, configure and maintain the HRIS System, Ceridian Dayforce. This is a full-time position. 
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Andrew Stitt
This month we shine the spotlight on Andrew Stitt! In his current position, working as a Web Designer and Front-End Developer for the State of Delaware's Government Information Center, Andy is responsible for building responsive websites and applications to help promote Delaware programs.

Let's take a moment to learn more about him in this month's Fast Five.
1. Years and projects worked on at PSCI? 
Less than one year; one major project (the State of Delaware's Coronavirus website) and several smaller projects.
2. What was your first paying job? 
Copy editor and administrative assistant for a local news magazine.
3. Favorite weekend hobby? 
4. What would people be surprised to learn about you? 
I was a turntable DJ in my college years and still do it as a hobby with a modern DJ controller.
5. What separates PSCI from other consulting firms you've worked with? 
The job itself is really an excellent fit for me, and the full salaried/benefits/time off option is super nice. I like the predictability even though I'm considered a contractor.

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Milestone Anniversaries

"An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it."

Those words were uttered by the founder and former CEO of Visa, Dee Hock, and they couldn't ring truer.

So, it is within that sentiment that we'd like to honor two long-time PSCI employees, Leslie Aharonian and Ken Hoffmann, who are in the midst of celebrating milestone anniversaries with PSCI.

Leslie, PSCI's first full-time internal hire, is celebrating her 25th anniversary this month! Over the years, and with her exceptional expertise, Leslie has opened numerous clients, has closed over a thousand pieces of business, and has found much success operating within the pharmaceutical and retail industries.

Ken, whose years of service are fewer but hold no less importance, just celebrated his 15th anniversary with the company. Originally brought on to help grow PSCI's presence within the State of Delaware, Ken has gone above and beyond. Due to his perseverance and hard work, Ken has helped to grow the State of Delaware into PSCI's largest client!

We shudder to think where we'd be without the two of you. Thank you both for your expertise, loyalty, and friendship! 

A Spotlight on Mental Health

PSCI utilizes the services of Creative Benefits to assist with the intricacies of benefits administration. In January 2020, they announced a 12-part Mental Health Campaign to increase mental health awareness and provide mental health education.

We will be utilizing this space to deliver those campaigns to you!

This month's topic: What is Mental Health?
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