Fall 2022


Welcome to the fall edition of PSCI's client newsletter, the IT Industry Rundown!
As inflation remains elevated, and global markets tumble, fears of a recession loom.
The good news, however, is that even in a troubling economy there's still a need for IT.

Still, IT leaders must question how to effectively allocate resources in order to retain top talent and support mission-critical projects.

That's why the articles and blog posts shared in this newsletter all deal with how to thrive during uncertain economic times.

The newsletter leads off, however, with our latest blog post that details a troubling new trend, "Quiet Quitting.". 

I hope you find these articles helpful as you navigate these rocky waters. As always, please remember to connect with PSCI on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest IT industry news and information. 

Patrick O’Neill
Marketing Manager

What is Quiet Quitting, and Can It Be Stopped
Quiet quitting is an informal term for the practice of reducing the amount of effort one devotes to one's job. It should be of concern to employers because it's a form of employee disengagement. In this post, we provide signs of "quiet quitting" and offer advice on how to keep it from happening. Read More >>

The Cost of Not Doing a Project
Though it may seem like a cost-saving venture to delay your digital transformation initiative, cloud migration, or ERP project, there's a potentially high price to be paid for doing so. In this post, we review a number of hidden costs that can be encountered by delaying a major IT project. Read More >>

In Times of Uncertainty Turn to a Staffing Firm
With the threat of an impending recession, a partnership with an IT staffing firm - such as PSCI - could be an organization's saving grace. The reasons for doing so, and the benefits it affords, are highlighted in this post. Read More >>
IT Talent Crunch Shifts Tech Investment Strategies
IT and business leaders are re-examining their tech stack during the economic slowdown to prioritize solutions that deliver maximum value to employees. In this article, InformationWeek takes a look at the tools and concepts IT can use to help weather the storm. Read More >>

For Companies to Thrive Amid Uncertainty, Value Creation is Key
Having organizational agility is essential to thriving in times of market uncertainty. By opting for more business process automation and shifting integration to the cloud, today's companies can position themselves for growth no matter how disruptive the markets may be. Article via Forbes. Read More >>

How to Implement New Edge IT in Uncertain Economic Times
IT leaders everywhere are contemplating how they can navigate continued business problems revolving around the edge. In this article, the Forbes Technology Council lists what companies with multiple edge computing sites can do in the face of a possible economic downturn. Read More >>
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