February 2022 

How To Use Tech for Self-Care

Too much screen time can be detrimental to one's health. So, while we love technology, it can sometimes fall under the category of too much of a good thing. In this blog post, we share tips on how to be more mindful when reaching for your smartphone, laptop, or other tech device. Read the blog>>

What Every Job Seeker Should Know
With so many seeking new jobs, a trend greatly aided by the Great Resignation, the job market is full of eager workers. A well-prepared, well-informed job seeker will flourish. In this blog post, we reveal what every job seeker should know before starting their job search. Read the blog>>

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Technical Manufacturing Engineer
Our client in Media, PA is searching for a Technical Manufacturing Engineer to help overhaul their manufacturing environment. This is a hybrid work position written as an initial 12-month contract. 
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Sr. Application Development Manager
This is a long-term contract engagement, based out of Dover, DE, with a hybrid work schedule. The manager will be responsible for managing the entire SDLC.
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IT Infrastructure Technical Lead
100% remote work, full-time position for our client based out of Philadelphia. The Tech Lead will be responsible for building Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) and Network as a Code (NaC). 
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Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements and contributions made by African Americans.

To celebrate Black History Month, we want to highlight a number of technological inventions, used on a daily basis, that were created by Black innovators and inventors. 
1. Carbon Filament for the Incandescent Light Bulb invented by Lewis Latimer
2. Electrical Resistor System for Pacemakers, Computers, etc. invented by Otis Boykin

3. Traffic Light invented by Garrett Morgan

4. Automatic Gear Shift and Beer Tap invented by Richard Spikes
5. Laser Cataract Removal Surgery Probe invented by Patricia Bath
6. Air Conditioning invented by David Crosthwait

7. Central Heating Furnace invented by Alice H. Parker

Color Computer Monitor co-invented by Mark Dean

In case you missed them, check out these recent top reads from publications across the industry.

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Super Bowl Office Pool

For the second consecutive year, PSCI held a Super Bowl Prediction Contest that both staff and PSCI consultants participated in.

Free to play, participants were asked to highlight responses that pertained to the game and event itself.

Questions touched on the national anthem, the result of the coin toss, the game's MVP, and which artist would perform first during the halftime show.

With the contest coming down to the tie breaker question (How many total points will be scored in the game? - of which there were 43), PSCI consultant Michael Sandler (42) narrowly edged out Business Director Leslie Aharonian (40).

Michael and Leslie received $50 and $25 Amazon gift cards, respectively.

Congratulations to this year's winners and thank you to all who participated!

A Spotlight on Mental Health

PSCI utilizes the services of Creative Benefits to assist with the intricacies of benefits administration. As part of their outreach, they've put forth a Mental Health Campaign to increase mental health awareness and provide mental health education.

This month's topic: Staying Present in the Moment
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