March 2022 

Technologies That Were Discovered by Accident

Pure chance has led to some significant technological and scientific discoveries in the past. Look no further than penicillin. With luck being one of the common themes of the month, we thought it'd be fun to look up what else may have been discovered by chance. In this blog post, we list five technological discoveries that might not have been made if luck hadn't played a part. Read the blog>>

Offer Something They're Not - A Personal Website
Asked if they'd hire someone who had a great personal website, one hiring manager responded with a resounding, "Absolutely!" So, set yourself apart from the competition and create one for yourself. In this blog post, we review how to build your own site and recommend information that should be included. Read the blog>>

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Information Security Analyst
This role's primary responsibility will be to lead the implementation and maintenance of our client's security orchestration, automation, and response platform. This is a full-time position in Media. 
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Software Engineer
Our client is seeking a backend/middle tier Java/J2EE developer to develop applications within mature technology environments. This is a full-time role in Wilmington.
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InfoSec Operations Manager
The InfoSec Manager will oversee security teams and serve as the SME for our client's security operations. This is a 6-month contract-to-hire with our client in Wilmington. 
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By now I'm sure you're well aware of Wordle, the word guessing game that tasks you with correctly selecting a random five letter word in six tries or less.

It's a fun, addicting brainteaser.

Due to its popularity and success, a number of wordle-like games have since been released. Here are just a handful: 
Same idea as Wordle, but in this game the player is tasked with solving four Wordle puzzles simultaneously.
In this game you're tasked with solving eight Wordle puzzles simultaneously!

For the mathematicians out there, in Nerdle a player is tasked with solving a mathematically correct equation. Knowledge of the order of operations is necessary!
In Worldle, you're tasked with guessing a country or territory when given its shape. After each guess, you have the distance, the direction, and the proximity from your guess and the target country.

A respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist. In this game, you are to guess the song from its intro, broken into short snippets, in as few tries as possible. Each skip, or incorrect guess, will play more of the song.

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Silver Jubilee

"Employees are a company's greatest asset." - Anne Mulcahy

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of years that employees have been with their current employer is just over 4.

At PSCI, the average length of tenure for our internal staff is just over 15!

And late last month, Andrea Lightle celebrated her 25th!

Andrea's work is vital to our success. As PSCI's Office Administrator, Andrea is responsible for providing administrative and accounting support for the company.

There are few who have worked with PSCI that have not also worked with Andrea. When you walk through our front doors (at least before Covid), her smiling face is the first you see.

We couldn't ask for a more loyal employee, and we're thrilled to celebrate this milestone anniversary with her! We're very lucky to have her!

Retirement Planning Tips

Information from The Standard, PSCI's 401k provider

Changing your investments in Personal Savings Center is easy. This video shows you how. It covers using pre-mixed portfolios, creating your own investment mix, rebalancing your portfolio, and transferring funds.
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