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May 2017
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Working contract, project and/or freelance jobs, especially within the IT industry, is common practice - as those reading this newsletter are already well aware. A question that does commonly arise, however, is how to list those jobs on a resume. Our latest blog attempts to answer that very question.

Quick Tips >> Any time you successfully solve a problem, handle a difficult situation, etc., write it down - for it can become useful in future job interviews.


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Data Analyst/Application Support Engineer
Does your expertise lie within Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis applications? If so, here's a role we feel you should consider.
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Systems Integration Technician
Want a company car? This role provides one. If you have experience supporting hardware and software for various network-connected devices, this role may just be a fit.

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SAS Programmer(s)
Not one, not two, not even three - but FOUR! We have four open positions, with various pharma clients, seeking an accomplished Statistical Programmer.  
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An integral part of the success of our team is the consultants who help PSCI and most importantly, our clients, persevere and prosper. In this month's Fast Five, we shine the spotlight on Print & Web Designer, Christine Karpovage!

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Years and projects worked on at PSCI? 
I have been with PSCI for 7 years in October. I am a contractor for the DE Division of Libraries, I have never felt like a contractor though. I love what I do, who I work with and who I do it for. I have a multitude of roles in my position which includes designing a variety of print materials from flyers, signs, posters, brochures, concepting new ideas, and creating websites for libraries using WordPress. I work on a variety of library programs throughout the state. Currently we are rolling out the Summer Library Challenge, which includes STEM programs, and arts programs.


Android or Apple phones?
I am an Apple/Mac user since they started... My first time working on one was in 1989... oops I just dated myself! LOL 


What was your first paying job?
Glass washer at my parent's restaurant. $2 an hour at 11 years old was pretty good money! I bought my first car at 16, all by myself. My first career job was designing Giftware for Papel Freelance. I used to have to hand illustrate, use a stat camera, and make mechanicals. We only used Macs for typesetting at that time.


Favorite weekend hobby?
Trying to relax... but if I can get to the beach or camp that is what I like to do.


What separates PSCI from other consulting firms you've worked with?
I've never felt like a contractor. How they treat you with appreciation and respect. You are an employee, not just a number. You become family. They care and really get to know you so they can match you and your skills with the right companies.

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Celebrating with Llamas!

Back in March, we told you about Jennifer Gallagher's (IT Recruiter) wedding in Ireland. While we weren't able to celebrate with her then, Jen and her husband (Michael) held an American wedding to celebrate their nuptials this past month in Lancaster, PA.

The PSCI family celebrated and danced the night away with none other than Jennifer's favorite animal - llamas (it was a light show)!!! Once again, we wish her and Michael nothing but the best!

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We’ve shared the latest here at PSCI, now it’s your turn.

Summer 2017 Can you believe Summer 2017 is already here (unofficially at least)?! This has us thinking>> 

What type of plans/vacations/activities do you have scheduled for this summer?

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