Spring 2017

Tell-tale signs abound that Spring is here. Well, I for one am glad to be bidding Old Man Winter farewell for another year.

From ongoing IT projects to new initiatives, it's been a busy year already—and we're only through one quarter. We've packed this issue of PSCI IT Industry Rundown with valuable IT information including a relationship tip sheet, cybersecurity investment advice and benefits of working with a staffing firm. I encourage you to read through this issue and take in the IT insights.

We look forward to keeping you informed about the latest in IT.
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Chris O’Neill
President & CEO


How Strong Are Your IT Relationships?

Want to make the most of yours? Tap into 3 #relationshipgoals we’ve seen change the game for PSCI clients and our network of IT professionals. Download our tip sheet to learn how to adopt these goals and boost the power of your IT team. Read more >>


The Importance of Investing in Cybersecurity

Never before has the world been this connected—and dependent—on technology. With so many devices online and a heightened level of cyber attack vulnerability, the importance of finding and investing in cybersecurity professionals has never been greater. Ensure your security teams are well staffed and up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity concerns. Read More >>

3 Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

While it’s true that using a staffing firm isn’t the right choice for every business, those who do find their services to be truly invaluable. Discover a few of the many benefits employers can expect when working with a staffing firm.​ Read More >>​​


Cybersecurity Staffing Issues May be Putting You At Risk

Cybersecurity is a priority for most businesses, but many are finding a lack of available cybersecurity talent. But not being able to hire the right candidates is no excuse to ignore your security needs. Read More >>

Addressing Ambiguity on Your IT Team: A Meeting of the Minds

Some people have a high tolerance for ambiguity when they tackle projects, and others want all the answers before they do anything. But it is possible for them to get along. Read More >>

Tech Forecast 2017: 5 Key Technologies to Double Down on Now

With digital transformation dominating the business agenda, IT pros are under pressure to create a tech foundation that drives change. IT leaders plan to use these key technologies to deliver business results in 2017. Read More >>


PSCI was very successful in providing the right technical people to help us achieve our project goals. Having the right people, who could hit the ground running, helped us to bring in our project, on time, and with great success. The team approach has worked very well for us and has become the model for our future development needs.
– Technology Director, Government Agency