Spring 2018

While the weather may not be behaving like it, the calendar leaves no doubt - it's Spring! Spring is a hopeful season as it brings both transformation and change. And this is true for nature and business alike. Look no further than our redesigned website to prove that point - and check out our blog post on the matter which details all the changes we've made.

As we enter the second quarter, however, there will also be changes made to work forces across the nation as a new generation of workers is about to enter the fold. So with this edition of the IT Industry Rundown we place a focus on what tech talent - new and old - looks for, while also placing emphasis on how you as an employer can identify top talent.

I hope you find these insights helpful as you continue to grow and transform your teams. Please connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for even more industry information.

Chris O’Neill
President & CEO


25 Years of a Changing IT Landscape

As we touched on in our previous newsletter, 2018 marks PSCI's 25th year in business. So in honor of our silver anniversary, we took a look back through the years to see just how the IT landscape has changed over that time. While much is different, our promise to you - to always deliver qualified and properly vetted candidates for your organization's needs - has remained the same. Read More >>

Interviews - What You Should Be Asking

What types of questions should hiring managers be asking of candidates in order to gain a better understanding of each individual? That's the question this blog poses and answers. Learn from our experienced staff about the questions you should be asking of candidates to ensure you're hiring the right technical and cultural fit for your organization. Read More >>

How to Attract Promising IT Grads

As The Graduation March begins to play at colleges and universities throughout the nation, the job market is about to be flooded with graduates who possess degrees in IT. Here, we take a look at what your organization can do in order to attract the best and the brightest of those graduates. Read More >>


Top Talent Doesn't Want to Work on Your Old Technology

Is your organization struggling to attract and retain top tech talent? Your legacy systems could be the reason why. Learn how more and more technology professionals are looking to pair with organizations who utilize technology concepts such as cloud computing, DevOps and open source software. Read More >>

Eight Essential Skills to Look for When Growing Your Tech Team

IT hiring is tough. It's even more difficult when trying to decide between two seemingly identical and qualified candidates. Here, the Forbes Technology Council (comprised of accomplished CIOs, CTOs & executives) share the traits they look for when looking to make a key hire for their tech teams. Read More >>

Over 39,000 Developers Reveal What They Look for in a Job

With the demand for quality tech talent at an all-time high, top talent can be selective of the jobs they choose. However, as this survey indicates, there's a sizable gap between what they want and what's being offered. Learn what your organization can do in order to appeal itself to the best available software development talent. Read More >>


"I've taken PSCI with me as I have moved around building my career. As a director needing to execute, I've come to rely on PSCI resources to help my departments and organizations reach their goals."
– Director of Data Analytics, Global Research Firm