Spring 2019

Welcome back to another edition of PSCI's client newsletter, the IT Industry Rundown! The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and temperatures are finally starting to rise. Spring is definitely in the air!

While change is happening outside, it's the change inside that we'd like to focus on. More specifically, the gender gap within the IT industry. While we may be a week removed from March and Women's History Month, Women in Tech is a topic that needs to be focused on year round. That's why we've focused on highlighting articles that deal with inclusion, attraction, and mentorship for women in technology.

Beyond those articles, however, there's also a great piece from 60 Minutes we encourage everyone to check out that focuses on closing the gender gap in technology.

Aside from those pieces, you'll also find original content related to strengthening relationships with staffing providers, the benefits associated with partnering with staffing providers, and why Delaware is such a great place for business.

I hope you find these articles both informative and inspiring. And please remember to connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for even more IT industry information.

Chris O’Neill
President & CEO


How to Build a Successful Recruiter/Employer Relationship

Utilizing contract workers allows employers to increase the diversity of their teams, reduce overhead, and improve organizational flexibility. Since the number of contract workers is on the rise, managers would be best served to familiarize themselves with the profession and the staffing partners who provide them. This blog serves as a how-to guide on appropriate communication, boundary setting and expectations, and how the partnership with a staffing firm is a two-way street. Read More >>

3 (More) Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Firm

There are a multitude of benefits an employer can expect to receive when partnering with a staffing firm. Low overhead costs, quicker hires, and the ability to conduct trial runs via contract-to-hire positions being a few of them. There are even more, however! This blog takes a look at three more reasons your organization would be wise to partner with a staffing firm. Read More >>

Why Delaware is the Place for Business

While we've always known Delaware to be a great state for employment, recent research has confirmed it! According to a recent US News and World Report study, Delaware ranks 7th in terms of states with the most opportunity. From its corporate laws and economy to its location, this blog takes a look at the reasons why. Read More >>


5 Steps We Can All Take to Make Tech More Inclusive

While undeniable strides have been made, evidence supports that the tech industry still has a long way to go to close the gender gap. There's good news, however. Drastic changes aren't needed to improve inclusivity. Enacting these 5 simple actions can make a world of difference. Read More >>

9 Strategies to Attract More Women in Tech

Fact: More than half of college-educated workers are women, yet women make up only 25% of college-educated STEM workers. However, employers who invest in hiring and retaining women in STEM careers enjoy an increase in productivity, generate more revenue, and are more likely to be seen as innovation leaders in their market. By adopting these 9 strategies, your organization can help attract more women in tech. Read More >>

How to Launch Mentorship Programs for Women in Tech

One of the biggest barriers for women in the workplace, especially in the tech industry, is a lack of female mentorship. While mentorships can (and do) prove to be truly invaluable for the mentee, organizations as a whole can also benefit from mentorship programs. The Tech Republic, via Chronus (a leader in mentoring software), provides steps businesses can take in order to create a successful female-focused mentorship program. Read More >>


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​– Technology Director, Government Agency