Spring 2021


Welcome back to another edition of PSCI's client newsletter, the IT Industry Rundown!
Like many of you, I'm tired of talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, however, it's still a daily part of our lives. For how much longer, remains to be seen, but with the effectiveness and rapid scaling of vaccines, I'm optimistic.
So, in this edition of our quarterly newsletter, I'd like to focus on moving forward. Below you'll find articles, from various publications and industry leaders, on how to maintain high-performing IT teams, how to prepare for the possibility of a split workforce (onsite and remote teams), and why the lessons learned from the past year can help the IT industry diversify.

We lead off, though, with our latest client focused blog posts. In them, we reflect on how PSCI has handled the pandemic, share testimonials that reaffirm why PSCI is such a great business partner, and explain how PSCI can be of great benefit to your business (especially with IT hiring expected to rise).

I hope you find these articles both informative and inspiring as we continue to move forward together. As always, please remember to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest IT industry news and information. 

Patrick O’Neill
Marketing Manager

One Year of COVID
There's not one aspect of life that has not been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this blog post, we conduct a review of the past year, address what's changed at PSCI, and discuss what we anticipate moving forward. Read More >>

It's Easy to Love PSCI
As many of you well know, PSCI brings talent and clients together for quick, efficient IT staffing solutions - to the benefit of all involved. In this blog post, we share consultant and client testimonials that highlight the excellent work we do. Read More >>

IT Hiring is Expected to Rise, PSCI Can Help
Along with an expected surge in IT hiring in 2021, temporary, freelance, and contract work opportunities are also expected to be on the rise. By partnering with the right IT staffing partner, many of your hiring concerns can be alleviated. In this blog post, learn why PSCI is the obvious choice. Read More >>
How to Build (and Sustain) High-Performing IT Teams
For as disruptive as the pandemic was, many IT teams actually found a way to become more efficient. So, as the country returns to normalcy, IT leaders will be tasked with repeating and maintaining that performance. In this article, via CIO, hear industry leaders describe how they built high-performing IT teams and how they plan to keep them going. Read More >>

Finding the Right Balance of On-Site and At-Home IT Workers
Even after offices fully reopen and it's been deemed safe to return to the workplace, there will likely be some workers who don't want to return (at least not on a full-time basis). For many IT organizations, this will result in having a mix of remote, onsite, and hybrid remote/in-office teams. In this article, InformationWeek advises IT leaders how they can plan for a split workforce. Read More >>

To Increase Diversity, U.S. Tech Companies Need to Follow the Talent
The pandemic and the changes it has brought about in how work gets done has provided organizations an unprecedented opportunity. With geographic limitations becoming a thing of the past, hiring talent from underrepresented areas/regions can become part of the norm. The result will be more diversified and innovative tech teams. In this article, the Harvard Business Review expounds on the topic. Read More >>
"I've taken PSCI with me as I have moved around building my career. As a director needing to execute, I've come to rely on PSCI resources to help my departments and organizations reach their goals."
– Director of Data Analytics, Global Research Firm
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