Summer 2018

While the summer season provides a great opportunity for rest and relaxation, it also offers a particular opportunity for executives and managers alike to take a step back and reevaluate their business. But just as students are tasked with a summer reading curriculum in order to keep their minds sharp, it's also important for professionals to do the same.

That's why in this edition of the IT Industry Rundown, we present to you articles - from national publications as well as original content posted on our blog - designed to enlighten and inform. Below, we present to you our own version of summer reading!

I hope you find these articles informative as you continue to recharge your batteries. Please connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for even more industry information.

Chris O’Neill
President & CEO


Hiring Expectations for 2018 and Beyond

Using research conducted by Robert Half Technology (2018 IT Salary Report), we've identified 6 of the most in-demand technology roles for the remainder of 2018. This blog takes an in-depth look at those roles, summarizing the typical duties of each role and listing the past technical experiences you should be on the look-out for when trying to fill such a position. You'll also find the rates you can expect to pay. Read More >>

Understanding GDPR

Back in May, the enforcement of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. In this blog post, find out why such a regulation was deemed necessary, see why it matters, and learn the effect it'll have on the IT industry. Read More >>

Applicant Tracking Systems: What to Know as an Employer

As an employer, how much do you know about applicant tracking systems and how they operate? The fact is, while they do offer their fair share of benefits, they could also be keeping qualified candidate's resumes from your hiring manager's desks. Learn more about the pros and cons of applicant tracking systems in this blog post. Read More >>


How Digitally Savvy Companies are Winning the War for Talent

Speaking generally, most organizations share the same goals: achieve business objectives, increase revenue, save on costs, and see a return on investments. Learn how an organization can realize these goals by positioning themselves as "digitally superior." Read More >>

Why Companies are Taking it Upon Themselves to Help Workers Learn New Skills

Deep learning, machine learning, data science, and digital marketing are taking up more and more of the technological market share. That means now, and in the future, you'll need employees who are able to understand those concepts. But how do you find experienced employees who possess that knowledge? Many organizations are finding out that you don't - you have to train them. Read More >>

10 Hottest Job Skills for Young IT Workers

Millennials now comprise 35% of the labor force, making them the largest generation of workers in the U.S. In order to stay competitive, and for continued business success, organizations will need to attract these workers - and that means tailoring job descriptions to appeal to them. These are the technological skills that attract the most attention from the younger generation. Read More >>


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