Summer 2019

Welcome back to another edition of the PSCI client newsletter! While the summer weather is causing everyone to sweat outside, IT hiring managers across the country are sweating it out in their offices in an attempt to find and retain IT talent.

That's why, in this edition of the IT Industry Rundown, we take a look at varying ways IT managers and organizations can locate, attract, hire, and retain the best IT talent available. Whether it be through offering greater perks, such as a remote work option, or through empowering employees by placing greater emphasis on their input, each article below will provide insight into how your organization can stem the tide and win the war for IT talent.

We hope you find these articles useful as you continue your efforts to staff and strengthen your IT teams. And, as always, please remember to connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for even more IT industry information.

Chris O’Neill
President & CEO


The Benefits of Offering Remote Work

If you could have the option to select from a larger candidate base, improve your employee's productivity, efficiency and morale, all while lowering your overhead, would you take it? Well, all of those benefits can be achieved by simply offering a remote work option. This blog discusses those benefits, and more, that employers can expect to receive by offering remote work. Read More >>

Keys to Attracting Top Technical Talent

With unemployment at its lowest level in nearly 50 years, skilled IT professionals have more options than ever. This blog post takes a look at both short-term and long-term approaches companies should embrace in order to attract top IT talent. Read More >>

4 Ways to Create a Larger, More Diverse Candidate Pool

Each day IT positions are left unfilled because employers aren't able to find enough IT professionals with the right mix of skills and experience for the role. There are, however, varying strategies that employers can adopt that will allow them to keep their IT teams staffed and fully functional. This blog addresses 4 of them. Read More >>


How to Solve the Talent Shortage in Data Science

Hiring for data science positions can be a real challenge. While the discipline isn't entirely brand new, the recent influx of tech-connected devices and the data they generate is. Since data scientists know what to do with such data, the need for them has never been greater or so widespread. This article shines light on strategies being used to identify, attract, and hire data scientists. Read More >>

What's Driving the Tech Sector's Extreme Turnover Rate?

You're familiar with the phrase, "won the battle, lost the war," correct? Well, that's sort of what's happening in the tech industry. While (some) organizations are finding skilled IT professionals, those individuals aren't sticking around for long. Whether the organization is big or small, IT has the highest employee turnover of any business sector (13.2%). This article examines why that may be. Read More >>

Want Employees to Stick Like Glue? Attract Them with Meaning

Keeping your talent in-house begins with understanding what they want. Today's talent isn't only seeking a paycheck, they're seeking fulfillment. As a recent study found, 58% of workers would take a pay decrease to chase happiness at a different company. In this article, learn what you can do to provide meaning in your employee's work. Read More >>

Retain Your IT Staff by Doing These 3 Things

One way organizations are able to retain IT staff is through empowerment. And that begins with the employee's IT leader/manager. In this article, IT leaders will find tips and best practices for doing so in order to keep their top talent working for them. Read More >>


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