Summer 2022


Welcome back to another edition of PSCI's client newsletter, the IT Industry Rundown!
In the US, as COVID-19 begins to reach endemic levels, business is beginning to return to a more familiar state.
There's a new normal, however, as hybrid work massively grows in popularity with businesses and employees alike.

This has brought forth a new set of challenges.

How do you bring employees back into the office after they've become accustomed to working remotely? What's the best way to manage hybrid teams and what sort of technology is needed to do so?

Through a variety of PSCI articles as well as IT industry publications, those are the questions this newsletter seeks to answer. 

I hope you find our latest newsletter both helpful and informative as you continue to adjust. And as always, please remember to connect with PSCI on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest IT industry news and information. 

Patrick O’Neill
Marketing Manager

Management Tools for a Hybrid Workspace
Due to the popularity, and effectiveness, of the hybrid work model, many organizations are choosing to adopt it. Furthermore, failing to offer a flexible working arrangement could come at a significant cost to an employer's hiring efforts. So, in this blog post, we've outlined different hybrid work tools that can help organizations embrace and manage the different aspects of hybrid work. Read More >>

How to Bring Employees Back into the Office
Many employers are opening their doors and asking employees to return to the office. The last thing any employer wants, however, is to lose an employee because of their decision to bring them back in. That's why, in this blog post, we list how businesses can create a return-to-work plan that works for both employer and employee alike. Read More >>

The Importance of Job Titles in IT
In the world of IT, job titles can be a bit ambiguous. A mistitled role can lead to hiring delays, overworked staff, and projects falling behind schedule. In this blog post, we stress the importance of correctly titling a role so as to ensure you're attracting the talent you desire. Read More >>
Want to Curb Turnover? The Right Tech Can Help
A recent survey found that a third of employees looking to change jobs are doing so in part because of hybrid work technology issues. If leaders hope to keep retention rates high, they can't undervalue the technology that's needed to create a seamless hybrid work experience. In this article, Entrepreneur Magazine shares strategies for meeting the technology expectations of employees in a hybrid workspace. Read More >>

Is Hybrid Work Working?
For the hybrid work model to be successful, it's essential that business leaders take the necessary steps to ensure the right strategy and technologies are in place. In this article, TechRepublic shares a five-step plan for organizations to follow so that they may better support hybrid work. Read More >>

What Does Employee Appreciation Look Like Post-Pandemic
In a post-pandemic world, a positive employee experience will have a great impact on employee engagement, well-being, productivity, and performance. In order to achieve that, organizations must place a premium on employee appreciation. In this article, HR Dive takes a look at what that might look like. Read More >>
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