Winter 2016
Happy Holidays from PSCI!

This time of year, I can’t help but look back at the year and think about all that we accomplished together. Here at PSCI, we love what we do and who we do it for—you, our clients and consultants! Thank you for trusting us with your staffing needs.
With 2017 just weeks away, our minds begin to shift to what the new year will bring. To help prepare you, this issue of PSCI IT Industry Rundown includes a lot of valuable IT information including a tech forecast report, hot skill sets and compensation tactics. I hope these insights help you end 2016 and start 2017 on a strong note.


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Chris O’Neill
President & CEO 


Internet of Things: Its Impact on Talent

As the demand for meaningful data across a huge variety of touch points increases, the Internet of Things, or IoT, is set to transform life, and business, as we know it. Companies big and small are assessing and planning for necessary changes to their business operations, including how they will hire for and develop the top talent that will be required. Download the full article >>


IT Jobs That Pose a Challenge

Those of us in the IT space are well aware that some jobs are easy to fill while others pose quite the challenge. So, as we look to 2017, we’ve set out to identify the types of IT roles that may be difficult to fill in the upcoming year—and what you can do to have your pipeline filled with the right contacts and resources to fill those challenging IT roles. Read More >>

Employers – Is Your Compensation Package Attractive?

How do you know if you are paying your employees enough and how do you keep yourself from losing out on a shot at employing top talent? From knowing what candidates/consultants are looking for and having a solid understanding of the marketplace and what it can bear, to keeping the lines of communication open, discover a few tips to ensure you’re offering enough while making your organization an attractive landing place for job seekers​ Read More >>​​


Mingis on Tech: Hot Tech Skills for 2017

While some hiring managers are bullish on the upcoming year, there could be a few unexpected turns for rank-and-file IT employees. Discover a list of what's hot and why. Read More >>

Tech Forecast 2017: Complete Survey Results

What are tech pros' spending, hiring and strategic priorities for 2017? Read what nearly 200 qualified IT executives had to say in this exclusive report. Download ComputerWorld’s free survey report. Read More >>

Is Company Performance Connected to Employee Compensation and Transparency?

According to PayScale’s most recent annual compensation best practices analysis, firms that claimed they surpassed their revenue expectations in 2015—and said they were a top player in their industries—tend to be more generous in their compensation habits. Is your firm following suit to ensure you attract top talent? Read More >>


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