Winter 2020


Welcome back to another edition of PSCI's client newsletter, the IT Industry Rundown!
2020 was a year unlike any other. We witnessed a global health crisis, social unrest, and major adjustments to our business, and personal lives. So, like many of you, I'm eagerly anticipating flipping the calendar to 2021.
Despite all of that, however, I could not be more proud of my staff, our consultants, or more grateful to you, our clients. The dedication exhibited over these past trying months and the commitment displayed to keep the country moving forward, leaves me feeling nothing but encouraged for the months ahead.

So, in this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we lead off with one of our latest blog posts dedicated to what we, as a company, were grateful for this year. We also speak about how best to conduct performance reviews when dealing with a primarily remote workforce and then lead into articles dealing with organizational change management, the importance of diversity, and predictions for the future of work.

With that, may I be among the first to wish you all a very happy, and healthy, New Year!

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Chris O’Neill
President & CEO 

Giving Thanks
To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be too much of an understatement. The global coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of businesses, lost jobs, and most unfortunate of all, lost lives. Not to mention the civil unrest and discord that has gripped the country. Despite this, however, there was still much to be thankful for. In this blog post, we list what we were thankful for this year. Read More >>

Performance Reviews in the Era of COVID-19
Performance reviews facilitate better working relationships and aid in professional development. While the common thought is that these are dreaded by employees, a recent survey finds that the majority of employees actually want feedback and to be recognized for their work. With so many working from home, though, the typical review process must be altered. In this post, we discuss a handful of ways employers can improve their performance review process to better meet the need of a remote workforce. Read More >>
Tips to Help IT Leaders Navigate Organizational Change
Organizational change management is the method of leveraging change to bring about a successful resolution. With the ongoing pandemic altering business practices for nearly every vertical, and with the majority of the US workforce going remote, it's become obvious just how vital organizational change management has become. In this article, InformationWeek provides tips for putting the most engaging and successful change processes in place. Read More >>

Diversifying Your IT Workforce
Research shows that a diverse workforce - one with a wide range of voices, backgrounds, and perspectives - gives birth to new ideas, increases an organization's capacity for disruptive innovation, and builds resilience to enable it to better endure a challenging market. In this article, CIO explains how best to diversify your workforce. Read More >>

Work from Anywhere: Is 2021 the Future of Work?
The workplace, as we know it, is changing. This year, due to necessity, a record number of employees worked from home. In 2021, though, experts predict that work from home will become work from anywhere, resulting in massive digital transformation. This prediction, and more related to the future of work, can be found in this article via ZDNet. Read More >>
"When I receive candidates from PSCI, they are ready to go. I may do a quick formality interview, but I know prior vetting has taken place. This allows me to focus on other things. It also shows me PSCI is serious about our partnership and willing to work hard for its continuation."
– Senior Director of Biostatistics, Global Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company
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