Convenience Store Corporate Services

A convenience store needed a well-rounded IT solution, and PSCI has been meeting their needs since 2010.

PSCI has served corporate directives of a large mid-Atlantic convenience store chain since 2010, providing a multi-pronged project management, systems analysis, IT staffing and permanent placement solution. The client has a vast and varied IT infrastructure spanning more than 700 retail outlets and over more than 300 inter-operating hardware and software systems, many of which are officially de-supported but still in use. PSCI has worked closely with multiple levels of client management to map the client’s complicated overlapping systems, hardware and personnel infrastructure, helping the client better manage its internal resources, allocate budgets and streamline operations. PSCI also performed a SharePoint assessment and deployment strategy as well as a full solution to the client, so management could meet its benchmarks in 2012 and through 2013.

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