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Over the course of our 22 year history, PSCI has never lost a client due to performance based issues. That stems from the fact that we routinely and consistently deliver consultants that not only fit with our client’s needs but that also fit within their culture. So, that begs the question, how does PSCI consistently deliver those talented IT professionals? In this space, we’re going to take a look at a few areas that lie at the heart of PSCI’s success.

PSCI Knows Their Clients

It all starts with the end client. At PSCI, we stress the importance of getting to know them. We want to make sure that we take the time to understand each client’s environment so that we can submit consultants who are the right fit – both technically and culturally. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time – both on the client’s end as well as the consultant’s – so by taking the extra bit of time in getting to know what’s important to our client, we can ensure we’re delivering the right type of consultant. This is a huge reason why PSCI’s success rate of consultants completing assignments is so high. We’re not only delivering the right technological fit but also the right cultural fit.

PSCI Knows Their Consultants

Once a relationship with the client has been established, only then is PSCI ready to submit consultants. But before we do submit, we want to get to know them. Our recruiters will ask questions that delve into why a consultant is on the market and looking for a new opportunity. We want to know exactly why they’re looking and why they left their last position. Is there a gap between positions? You can bet our recruiters will be asking about it.

We also want to know about our consultant’s long term interests. Do they want to stay consultants or are they looking for a more permanent position? Do they want to stay a coder or are they looking to get into more of a managerial role? The more we know, the better we’re able to represent the interest of our consultants. We try our best at eliminating any surprises because in the world of IT staffing the majority of surprises aren’t the good kind.

We Verify Our Consultants

Let’s be honest, in this industry, the number one requirement is always – does the consultant have the technological skills to perform the job. There are plenty of agencies out there – believe us – that will take a look at the job requirement, run a quick keyword search on the job boards, and then automatically submit any consultant that matches the criteria being sought.

Not us.

Not only will we not submit a consultant without first having a phone conversation with them but we won’t submit them until we’ve verified their technological skills and found out how they’ve used the technology. For this, we use a third party technological screening company. This helps ensure us, as well as our clients, that we’re only submitting consultants with strong technical skills. Anyone can say they’ve worked with xyz technology, we make them prove it.

These principles are at the heart of PSCI’s beliefs and why we’ve been able to excel in the IT staffing industry for the past two decades. With a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck, we plan on continuing our success for many more years to come.

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