As an IT staffing company, one of our greatest challenges is finding qualified IT talent. At times, a search for a particular skill set may need to be opened up to a nationwide search when we’d prefer to find that talent locally since nationwide searches take time and money. This is an issue that every IT staffing company must deal with.

However, based on the company’s location, this issue is made easier for some based solely on the strength of the IT workforce in their state. In a study completed by CRN, a company who provides objective news, analysis and perspective for the IT industry, they compiled a list of the top five best states – and the five worst – for IT jobs.

The top five states with the highest concentration of IT workers were:

1. Virginia – IT workers represent 3.3% of the workforce

2. Washington – 3.1% of the workforce

3. Delaware – 3% of the workforce

4. Massachusetts – 2.9% of the workforce

5. Maryland –2.9% of the workforce

On the flip side, the worst five states for IT workers were:

46. Montana – 1.1% of the workforce

47. Nevada – 1.1% of the workforce

48. Louisiana – .9% of the workforce

49. Wyoming – .9% of the workforce

50. Mississippi – only .7% of the workforce operates in IT

Being that PSCI is headquartered in Delaware, with Maryland right next door, we are positioned quite strongly for IT staffing. This is based simply on the fact that the tri-state area is filled with IT talent. With certain technologies being harder to find than others, this helps limit our nationwide searches while also helping us respond to our clients’ needs with speed and quality.

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