Energy Provider

When a major energy provider needed an upgrade to its DTCS system, PSCI provided the right solution.

PSCI worked with a major energy provider to upgrade its existing DTCS (Deal Transaction Contract and Scheduling) system, which was written using VB6 Windows forms, to an ASP.Net version. This system consists of three major applications: Deal Capture, Pipeline Scheduling, and Contract Generation. The Contract Generation system does not have any maintenance applications; they are part of the Deal Capture system.

The main drivers for this conversion were: Microsoft no longer offers extended support for VB6 IDE and VS6 IDE. The VB6 runtime binaries are supported and shipped on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows 8, but this did not change the support policy for the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE or Visual Studio 6.0 IDE as a whole. Those products moved out of extended support in April 8, 2008. This would cause serious downtime and loss of revenue. The PSCI team worked with logistics to accomplish goals of moving these applications from a Windows-based platform to a web-based one, simultaneously adding requested enhancements to the user community. This meant applications critical to the business would be supported while also modernizing platforms for the users.

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