Health Insurance Informatics and Data Warehousing

PSCI provided a range of services for a highly successful health insurance informatics and data warehousing initiative.

A PSCI client transformed its informatics operations model by consolidating disparate reporting, data and information environments, technologies and tools into an enterprise-wide center. It is the single point for data source to meet cross-functional reporting and analytical data needs for internal and external customers. This entity embodies new skills and technology, enabling the client to bring value with distinction while providing better outcomes.

Pre-project, there were many data repositories and different technology platforms performing similar functions. As a result, maintenance costs, repository discrepancies, and redundant and inconsistent data were an issue. The informatics organization was called to abate these circumstances by establishing an Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (AEDW) that is more effective and cost efficient to maximize the value of data. AEDW was designed to retire redundant data repositories and provide more timely, accurate and accessible information. The total cost of establishing Informatics and implementing the AEDW Build Program was $60 million.

PSCI provided healthcare project management (Providing support management in areas of issue resolution, risk assessment and gap analysis utilizing methodologies, best practices, and technology) and Data warehouse development resources for this highly successful initiative.

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