2016 is just around the corner and – as has been for a while – it’s a great time to be in IT! Unemployment rates are nearing record lows with some positions showing unemployment rates as low as 1 percent. So as we head into the New Year, we thought it a good time to highlight some of the hottest jobs of 2016 (as forecast by CIO) – we’ll also take a peek into our job board to see how PSCI stacks up.

The Hot Jobs

As we get another year deeper into the new millennium, consumers won’t settle for anything less than a quick, seamless and pain free user experience. That’s why UI/UX Designers/Developers will be in high demand. Time and time again consumers will be choosing the company that can present them with a great look-and-feel and easy to use site. Any competitor that doesn’t have that same usability will be out of luck – but also on the market for a great UI/UX Designer/Developer!

Of course, any company looking to continue innovating with their web-based software and applications is going to need someone in place that can support it. That’s why Software Developers are also going to be in high demand – especially those skilled in Java, JavaScript, PHP and Python.

To keep these sites up and running while also maintaining security – though – you’re going to need both Network Engineers and Cybersecurity Professionals. Networking is the foundation on which all technologies and skill sets are built. Meaning Network Engineers have been and will continue to be some of the most sought out technology workers.

As far as security, an estimated 1 million to 1.5 million cybersecurity professionals will be needed by 2020. Compare that to the 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US and security will remain a hot, highly in-demand skill for many years to come.

Continuing on, let me ask you – on what type of device are you reading this blog? My guess, it isn’t a desktop computer but more likely an iOS or Android device. And who’s designing the software to make this happen? That’s right – Mobile Engineers. Mobile is the most-used digital platform and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. That leaves a major market for mobile application developers.

And whose job is it to make sure all these developers, engineers and programmers keep their projects on time and under budget? That’d be the Business Analysts and IT Project Managers. Two more of 2016’s forecasted hottest jobs/positions. Without these pivotal team members there’d be no liaisons between the IT departments and executive suites.  With them, teams are meeting business needs and realizing strategic goals.

That leaves us with maybe the most crucial job of 2016, the Data Scientist. With so much of our world taking place online data is being created and captured at an exponential rate. Challenges include analysis, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy amongst others. This is where the Data Scientists will be needed. Professionals who can develop solutions to capture, process, analyze, and interpret data. Without at least one Data Scientist on board, any company attempting to analyze their data will have problems staying relevant in 2016.

How PSCI Stacks Up

As I take a quick peek at our Job Board, I see that what we have open is right on track with what’s already been discussed. We have needs for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, Network Engineers and Data Analysts. With more opportunities being added daily it wouldn’t shock me to have multiple openings for each position listed in this article throughout the year. So be sure to keep an eye on our Job Search page – 2016 is shaping up to be yet another strong year for those in the IT business.

So these are the jobs/positions that have been deemed to be the hottest for 2016. Do you agree? What jobs may have been missed?

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