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Let’s face it, we’re all busy.

Between work, errands, and that ever-growing “to-do” list, finding time to learn and explore new things can feel like a luxury.

Fortunately, that’s where podcasts come in.

These on-demand audio programs allow us to digest and consume information whether we’re stuck in rush hour traffic, completing mindless tasks, or relaxing in the sand or by the pool.

For those in the tech industry, a myriad of podcasts exist that serve to inform and entertain.

In this post, we dive into a curated list of top tech podcasts categorized for your specific interests.

This award-winning podcast explores the often-overlooked design of the everyday world. It’s a fantastic way to learn about tech innovations seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life.

Schedule: Weekly

Runtime: 30-40 minutes (on average but varies)

Featuring interviews with innovators and thought leaders, Tech Life dives into how technology is changing the way we work, learn, play, and explores technologies global impact.

Schedule: Weekly

Runtime: 26 minutes

Through in-depth interviews, host Andrew Greenstein chats with founders, CEOs, product heads, and other creative minds behind innovative digital products. This podcast gives insights into the creative process, the challenges of launching new digital products, and the overall recipe for success in the tech industry.

Schedule: Monthly

Runtime: 30-60 minutes

This podcast caters to tech professionals, investors, and anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the tech industry and its economic impact. The podcast covers a broad range of topics, including emerging tech, financial markets, investing, and capitalism.

Schedule: Bi-weekly

Runtime: 60-90 minutes

Code Story dives deep into the world of software development through in-depth interviews with tech leaders and software visionaries. Listeners gain insights into the creative problem-solving techniques, leadership styles, and decision-making processes that drive successful software development. You’ll also learn about the challenges and triumphs faced by these leaders on their journeys to changing industries.

Schedule: Twice per week

Runtime: 20-30 minutes

Command Line Heroes is a series of podcasts produced by Red Hat. This series consists of multiple seasons, each focusing on a specific theme within the tech industry. The episodes are presented as mini documentaries that often include interviews with key figures, historians, and industry experts.

Schedule – 2-3 per month

Runtime: 20-25 minutes

Darknet Diaries delves into the dark underbelly of the internet, exploring true stories about hacking, data breaches, and cybercrime. Each episode uses a storytelling format, featuring interviews with victims, law enforcement agents, and even hackers themselves.

Schedule: Monthly

Runtime: 60-90 minutes

This podcast provides clear and concise summaries of the latest cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and industry developments. Experts are often interviewed to provide in-depth commentary and analysis on the day’s news.

Schedule: Daily

Runtime: 20-40 minutes

DTNS delivers daily analysis of the most important tech industry news stories. The show covers a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge developments in AI to the latest tech gadgets and business trends.

Schedule: Daily

Runtime: 30 minutes

The WSJ Tech News Briefing is a daily guide to the most important news and trends in the tech industry, delivered straight from the experts at The Wall Street Journal. Each episode provides concise and insightful coverage of breaking tech news, industry scoops, and in-depth analysis. It also features exclusive interviews with tech leaders and innovators.

Schedule: Daily

Runtime: 10-15 minutes

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