Two wooden blocks that have a sun and smiley face painted on them, in the sand surrounding a sea shell, representing summer fun

For many, summer is the time for a much-needed break from the nine-to-five grind.

Workers in all industries pack these three months with week-long vacations, long weekends, and extra time spent away from the office.

It’s a good thing, too, because taking these breaks helps to boost productivity, maintain a healthy mental state, and prevent burnout.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to lose focus on your career.

With summer being a time for fun and games, here are five fun things you can do to help boost your career over the summer months.

Five Fun Ways to Boost Your Career

Enjoy Some Summer Reading

There’s possibly no greater time to catch up on some reading than during the summer.

It’s one of the best things to do while sitting on the beach or lounging by the pool.

But in between books you’re reading for pleasure, add a bit of productivity to the mix by picking up one or two career-related books. If you’re in need of suggestions, here’s a list of 21 books that’ll get you ahead at work recommended by career counseling website, The Muse.

In search of even more suggestions? Here’s a list of books the PSCI staff recommends.

Play Some Video Games

While summer is full of sun, some days are filled with rain, and others are just too hot to be outside.

So, on days such as these, may we suggest playing some video games?

It may sound rather unproductive but it’s quite the opposite. There are coding games that exist that have been designed to help you learn, hone, and practice programming skills within a gamified environment.

Some are so addictive that they’ll have you wishing for rain!

Throw a Party

Maybe not a party in the traditional sense, but one with a job-related focus.

Invite a few friends in your industry over for a BBQ, or out to a happy hour, and ask them each to invite a few others. You’ll then be able to meet others in your industry and grow your network.

By making the right connections, you can make progress on your career path quickly.

Create a Playlist

Many people savor the summer months because it gives them time to decompress and reduce their stress levels.

And every summer needs a soundtrack. So, use the extra time afforded during the summer months to create a playlist.

It’s been proven that with the right type of music, you can reduce your stress levels, become inspired, and even improve your ability to process information.

Last year, we reviewed five such forms of music that could be used to reduce stress and boost productivity.

Get Outside

Simply being outdoors is one of the greatest things you can do for your health.

With the excellent weather summer provides, there’s no greater time to be out in nature.

Getting outside benefits us physically (lowers blood pressure), mentally (reduces stress), and emotionally (improves our mood).

If you do nothing else this summer, try your best to spend some time outdoors.

So, while summer may be a season of enjoyment, following our advice will also allow you to gain new skills, improve your prospects, and become a more productive worker.

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