In an industry as competitive as the IT Staffing industry, it’s very important to be in tune with your client’s needs and to know exactly what they’re looking for.  So that raises the natural question, how do clients/buyers select their suppliers and what do they look for in workers?

Well, in a study conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, they posed that exact question, “How do buyers find and select their staffing suppliers?” What they found is that buyers overwhelmingly target ‘worker quality’ as their main criteria when choosing a supplier. In fact, 53% of the correspondents they asked listed it as their main concern with 78% selecting it as one of their top 3 concerns. The others being service quality, speed and low cost.

Coincidentally, in collaboration with ClearEdge Marketing, we at PSCI just conducted our own internal study to find out just exactly where PSCI’s strengths lie. What we found out is that ‘worker quality’ is one of the areas where PSCI excels. With a deep understanding of both client goals and consultant expectations, PSCI supplies the ideal resource that ensures above-par job completion the first time. That has allowed us to have a record between 90-95% assignment completions, assuring our clients of the high reliability and strong work ethic of PSCI and its consultants.

Not only do we deliver on worker quality, though, we’re also strong in service and speed. PSCI works closely with hiring managers to understand their business goals as well as their current and future staffing needs, so that we can pipeline talent in advance of requirements. This pipeline often allows PSCI to present qualified, well-vetted candidates within 24 hours of request.

So when looking for a supplier a buyer needn’t look any further than PSCI. We deliver in the areas where it counts the most: worker quality, service quality and speed of return.

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