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The benefits of using a staffing firm to fill an employer’s temporary needs cannot be denied. Their services allow for greater flexibility, lower overhead costs, and quicker hires – just to name a few. Did you know, however, that their services don’t stop at temporary/contract positions? It’s true. They can also prove to be a truly invaluable partner when looking to fill full-time positions – especially those related to technology.

While it’s true that a one-time placement fee is usually associated with direct hire staffing, the cons of using a staffing firm to fill direct hire needs tend to stop there. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the pros of engaging an IT staffing firm to fill an employer’s permanent positions.

Staffing Firms are Experts in Their Field

While many large organizations employ their own recruiting departments, others rely on their HR departments to source and qualify talent. When looking to fill IT positions, however, this may not be such a great idea. That’s because the IT industry is like a foreign country, complete with its own language, norms, and culture. Unless those within the department can speak that language, recruiting for IT professionals can pose quite the challenge.

For example, if your organization has a need for a Software Engineer, your existing team will most likely be looking for candidates with that exact job title. An IT staffing firm, however, understands that the duties performed by a Software Engineer can also be completed by a person whose job title may be Software Developer, Application Developer, or even Programmer Analyst.

Instead, rely on the expertise provided by a staffing firm within the IT industry to source and qualify those candidates for you. They have the market knowledge and contacts necessary to find and qualify that elusive talent.

Staffing Firms Will Save You Time & Energy

When an organization is looking to expand its IT department in a timely manner, utilizing an IT staffing firm can make that possible. Their services expedite the recruitment process while lifting the burden of that responsibility from your HR department – who may be overwhelmed with other responsibilities. IT staffing firms are able to cover more ground, faster. They can launch a search for skilled candidates, evaluate said candidates – both as a technological fit as well as a cultural fit – and reduce the time, energy, and stress caused by many other aspects of hiring a new employee.

The best staffing firms, such as PSCI, will also prequalify candidates before sending them to the hiring manager’s desk.  For they know that what looks good on paper (i.e. a person’s resume) may not always translate to reality. That’s why organizations like ours will prescreen candidates via a technical screening process to ensure they have the proper knowledge of the skills necessary for the open position.

Hard to Fill Positions are Staffing Firm’s Specialty

If you want the best candidate than you’ll need to know where to look. Utilizing job boards (e.g. CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc.) or social networking platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) may not always yield the best candidates – and that’s oftentimes where those not intimately familiar with the industry will stop their search. The right staffing firm (ahem PSCI), however, has access to an enormous network of candidates who they’ve built relationships with over the years. They’ll utilize these connections to find the perfect candidates for your organization’s needs. They also have the resources, tools, and expertise to connect with these candidates on your organization’s behalf.

Contact PSCI

While enlisting outside help may not be your organization’s first choice when looking to fill open IT roles, it’s certainly not a bad option. So, don’t let your full-time positions go left unfilled (there are serious risks of doing so) and contact a firm, like PSCI, whose specialty lies in finding and qualifying hard to find talent. We possess the industry knowledge, talent pipelines, and dedicated staff necessary to handle ALL your hiring needs.

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