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The main goal of any major website update is to improve its look and functionality. While we’re constantly making updates to our site on the backend – to keep it secure and running smoothly – it’s been a handful of years since we’ve given it a redesign.

So, in celebration of our 30th anniversary, we’ve decided to give ourselves a new look!

Welcome to the all-new!

Below, we detail the changes made to our site.

Website Changes

Fresh Look

The first thing you’ll notice about the new PSCI website is its look.

Our previous site featured a homepage with a rotating set of images that would direct you to different parts of the site.

While visually appealing, it also contributed to some serious lag time when trying to load the site.

Moving forward, we’ve eliminated that feature and present the site to our visitors in a vertical, easier to navigate, and more modern design.

Job Search Page

Other than the look of the site, some of the most noticeable changes were made to the job search page.

Now, when candidates come to search for a job, they can sort for roles based on employment type (contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire), location requirement (onsite, hybrid, remote), and can perform a radius search based on their zip code.

Each job is also given a Job ID number that correlates to its job number in our internal system. This will help to eliminate any confusion when speaking about roles with similar/identical job titles (e.g., Project Manager).

In addition, when candidates view a job they might be interested in, they will also be shown jobs that relate to the position that they are viewing, and to which they can also apply.

Blog and Newsletters

As was before, all PSCI blogs and newsletters (consultant and client) are uploaded and archived on the PSCI website.

The main difference with the new site, however, is that they are all now searchable via a keyword search.

And not only that, in addition to becoming searchable on our site, the new site allows the newsletters to be found via a google search.

Plus, on each of the newsletter pages, which are separated between consultant and client, a newly created sign-up form is now available (you just simply need to enter your email address).

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, modest but substantial changes were also made.

Having been built on the WordPress platform, the site was updated with WordPress’s latest security and maintenance releases and built with its most up-to-date tools.

This has resulted in a greater sense of security and more responsiveness when viewing on different screen dimensions.

The site’s host server has also been upgraded to help increase response times.


So, while many changes to our site have been made, one thing that will never change is the fact that PSCI is a partner that you can rely on. We hope you enjoy the new PSCI website and we hope you find it both easy to navigate and full of informative resources.

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