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As everyone grappled with how best to survive the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the IT industry fared better than most. That’s largely because tech companies, and IT services, don’t rely on physical storefronts for business and can often operate almost entirely online and offsite. Nevertheless, for the first time since the dot-com bust of 2000 – 2002, IT salaries remained flat and the year ended with fewer jobs than it started with. With positive vaccine news, however, you could say there’s sort of an end to the pandemic in sight.

That’s why labor economists are expecting a surge in hiring in the field in 2021. According to Julia Pollak, a labor economist at ZipRecruiter, they’re “very bullish on hiring in 2021, particularly in tech.” – and they’re not alone.

Monster’s Future of Work Report shows that companies plan to do a lot of hiring this year, with 82% of US employers planning to hire new employees. Within that report it’s stated that 42% of respondents plan to replace or backfill open positions (excellent!) and 40% expect to open up new positions (even better!). The news gets even better for those within the IT sector as nearly half of all tech companies surveyed reported that they plan to post new jobs.

So, what will those jobs be? During the pandemic, and as companies transitioned their teams offsite, we saw an increased need for desktop services and IT support. Moving forward, though, companies are expected to be turning their attention from COVID-19 response to more “long-term product roadmaps.” That means you can expect to see a rise in hiring for project management, software development and engineering, and data-related proficiencies, as these disciplines will be needed to help bolster company’s plans for added apps and services.

What’s more, temporary, freelance, and contract work is also expected to be on the rise. According to Cristina de la Cruz, Regional Vice President of Robert Half Technology, “During an uncertain economy, firms often rely more on temporary or project professionals.” She adds, “They may feel cautious about hiring, but at the same time they don’t want to be understaffed and have work that must be done.”

This is where PSCI comes in. Partnering with the right IT staffing provider can alleviate many of your hiring concerns, especially during times like these. In fact, the benefits of doing so are numerous.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

  • Low Overhead – Staffing firms, such as PSCI, assume all the risk and costs associated with hiring including taxes, payroll, workers compensation, and even 401k matches. Employers are only on the hook for the negotiated hourly rate.
  • Quick Hires – By utilizing the services of a trusted staffing partner, managers don’t have to inundate themselves with reviewing resumes, reaching out to job seekers, and scheduling interviews. This saved time can instead be used to focus on the needs of their team and department.
  • Trial Runs – Instead of making a full-time hire and running the risk of the employee not working out, employers can conduct a “trial run” with the employee on a contract-to-hire basis. Not only is this option less risky for the employer, but it also allows them to see firsthand if the employee can handle the workload as well as if they’re a good culture fit.

Why to Partner with PSCI

As you can see, the benefits of partnering with a staffing firm are undeniable. Not all staffing firms, however, are created equal. Here’s how PSCI sets itself apart:

  • Market Knowledge – As an IT staffing firm who has been in business for nearly three decades, we understand the IT hiring market. Due to this experience, we’re able to advise and consult with our clients on nearly every position they have available or would like to hire for. Due to our market knowledge and insight, we can effectively set expectations in terms of time and feasibility.
  • Access to More Candidates – At PSCI, we have an extensive internal database of IT candidates that we’ve been expanding for nearly 30 years. By partnering with us, you gain access to the candidates found in that database – many of whom can’t be found elsewhere (i.e., networking sites and job boards). Our network also consists of many passive candidates – those just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Due to our existing relationship, we know what it takes to recruit them.
  • Stronger Candidates – There’s no “throw a lot of candidates at the wall and see what sticks” approach with PSCI. We won’t ever submit a candidate without properly vetting them beforehand. With every candidate we present, we carefully pore over their resume making sure they have the skills and experience required to do the job. We also put them through a technical screening process to verify their technical abilities.

So, as your hiring needs will most assuredly be gaining steam this year, don’t hesitate to contact PSCI. Our industry/market knowledge, talent pipelines, and knowledgeable staff can handle all of your hiring needs.

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