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The weather is warm, the days are long, and summer vacations are just around the corner.

Though it can be tempting to become a bit more laid-back during the summer season, June through August can also be used as a time to further your career.

While taking Fridays off and extra-long lunches may be a summer staple, there are a few relatively simple tasks that can be completed during this time which can have a positive impact on your career prospects.

In this blog post, we share 5 tips on how to propel your career during the summer months.

Career Advice for the Summer Months

Update Your Resume

Though it’s something that should be tended to throughout the year, the summer is a great time to catch up on updating your resume.

A task that often falls by the wayside.

Updates should include any promotions, job responsibilities of large projects worked on, and any new skills or certifications that may have been acquired.

While resumes will need to be tailored for each position you apply for, keeping them updated with such accomplishments will ensure major achievements are not omitted.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the most popular recruiting tools these days is LinkedIn.

As the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn connects industry professionals with each other and helps those actively (and passively) seeking employment discover job opportunities.

Some research even suggests that LinkedIn is the primary way employers are finding candidates.

If you’re actively seeking new positions, we’d suggest setting aside time each week to work on your LinkedIn profile.

Much the same as your resume, update your profile with your latest credentials, promotions, and any other career strides you may have made over the past few months.


While staying active on LinkedIn is a great way to virtually network with potential employers, doing so in-person is an even better way to be seen.

And there are no shortage of networking events during the summer months.

Even while pandemic concerns still linger, the warmer weather allows these events to take place outdoors which helps to mitigate the spread of disease.

Networking allows you to share knowledge with industry acquaintances, learn of new career opportunities, make new connections, increase your confidence, and raise your profile.

Complete Online Courses & Certificates

One work perk that many companies bestow upon their employees during the summer is summer hours.

Summer hours are an employee benefit offered to employees to reduce the amount of time spent in the office during the summer months.

If you’re serious about advancing your career, you can use this time to complete online courses and earn certifications.

In the IT industry, more education and skills can translate into raises and better benefits.

So, taking advantage of this extra time to upskill (which can be done for free) could be well worth your time.

Create a Playlist

While music is most often used as a form of entertainment, listening to music can also be therapeutic. It not only can relieve stress, but it can also help us to become more productive.

So, if you have any spare time left over – or perhaps before you even get started – create a playlist to work along to.

Some suggested music includes nature sounds, classical tunes, and music from both movies and video games.

However, since there’s no right or wrong when it comes to musical taste, add in anything that makes you feel good!

Happy summer!

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