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IT professionals are enjoying one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, which is posing a challenge for employers. The following addresses the fight for top IT talent and offers tips on how to stand out and attract the best.

What Attracts Talent?

Here at PSCI, we’ve dealt with our fair share of IT superstars so we have a good idea on what the best are looking for. Compensation, of course, is always a top priority. You simply can’t attract the best without offering a fair wage. Having a great benefit package is also a great incentive. Anyone with a family knows how important and enticing a comprehensive benefit package can be. In addition, having a flexible work schedule – one that offers work from home options – is another area that can sway a potential employee’s decision.

Outside of compensation and work environment, though, IT talent is looking for an organization where they have room to grow. If you’re able to provide an environment where the talent can get their hands on the newest up and coming technologies, your organization will only become that much more enticing.

Let’s say, however, a candidate is trying to decide between two organizations who offer similar compensation packages as well as progressive working environments. This is where the best hiring managers can sway that individual’s decision.

Your Hiring Managers Can Be the Difference

I recently came across an article on – written by Lou Adler, the CEO of the Adler Group – which addresses this very issue. In his article he states that hiring managers have a critical role in recruiting top talent and lays out a list of rules each and every hiring manager should follow.

I won’t address all 10 in this space – if you’re interested, you can find the article here – but I did want to address a couple of the points he made.

First and foremost, when recruiting top talent, you need to present enough career-oriented information to get the candidates interest. They need to see an organization where they have room to grow in order for them to see the position as a career move. If not, they’ll likely lose interest and seek employment elsewhere.

Secondly, the hiring manager needs to demonstrate strong management and leadership skills. As already mentioned, the best people are looking to grow and are seeking a place that will allow for a fast-paced career track. If they’re able to meet and speak with other strong people already in the organization, it’ll show they have the opportunity to be mentored.

So, when attracting top IT talent, it isn’t just about the money. While that’s always a key factor, an organization that can increase your knowledge wealth is just as important.

What other ways can organizations attract top talent?

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