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Have you ever been asked to leave a Google review for a company you’ve done business with? You most likely have. That’s because reviews from past customers help a company build trust and credibility with potential customers. They encourage interaction and can be quite effective in influencing customer decisions.

That’s why so many businesses ask for them!

While PSCI may not sell a physical product, we do offer an invaluable service. As an IT staffing and placement services provider, we bring talent and clients together for quick, efficient IT staffing solutions – to the benefit of both the consultant and client themselves.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from our consultants who, as you’ll see, are more than just a number to us – they’re family.

PSCI Consultant Testimonials

“PSCI cares about you individually!  PSCI takes advantage of available opportunities to show personal interest towards their consultants.  I remembered that when I was with other consultant companies.  The other companies just make it about getting their money and keeping the contract.  PSCI uses the right Business Directors to make sure that the business relationships stay oiled and running well.  It is easy to love PSCI!” – J.G., UI/UX Developer

When we asked a separate consultant what separates PSCI from other consulting firms they’ve worked with, they responded, “I’ve never felt like a contractor. How they treat you with appreciation and respect. You are an employee, not just a number. You become family. They care and really get to know you so they can match you & your skills with the right companies.” – C.K., Print & Web Designer

What’s more, the way we treat our consultants has a direct impact on their work – which benefits the client. As the Infrastructure Manager for a major convenience store retailer tells it, “PSCI contractors are happy and that shows in how they approach their jobs. You can tell they are supported by a top-notch team at all levels. This gives me peace of mind because a happy consultant stays and performs. When exceptional talent is constrained, this is very important.”

There are countless others. If you still need more convincing, though, let’s hear from our clients (our customers) on how they’ve benefitted and prospered by partnering with PSCI.

PSCI Client Testimonials

“I have utilized PSCI consultants for well over 10 years. Not only are they consistently talented resources that hit the mark from a technology standpoint, they also take the time to understand [our] business focus. PSCI demonstrates a consistent high level of commitment.” This comes from the director of a major pharmaceutical company – whose been using us for more than 15 years now!

As the IT Manager of a major energy company puts it, “PSCI has been a vendor for us for the last ten years and has always been very successful in providing highly rated candidates in a timely manner. They work hard to maintain a great working relationship with us and are one of the top few preferred vendors.”

Not only does our hard work and extensive talent pipeline help you quickly assemble the best team for your IT project, but it also makes you look good in the process.

Take it from the Director of Data Analytics from a global research firm who has used us for years, “I’ve taken PSCI with me as I have moved around building my career. As a director needing to execute, I’ve come to rely on PSCI resources to help my departments and organizations reach their goals.”

So, trust us, when you partner with PSCI you won’t regret it. You may even wonder how you got by without us, as the Technology Director for a government agency can attest to, “PSCI was very successful in providing the right technical people to help us achieve our project goals. Having the right people, who could hit the ground running, helped us to bring in our project, on time, and with great success. The team approach has worked very well for us and has become the model for our future development needs.”

Whether it comes from our consultants or clients, one thing remains true – PSCI is a 5-star company!

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